Original SWAT F.A.N.G
Original SWAT F.A.N.G
Original SWAT F.A.N.G

Original SWAT F.A.N.G

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Take a new approach to advanced protection by utilizing our Antimicrobial Integrated Mitigation System. BioSmart™ Technology utilizes bleach to kill 99% of common germs and bacteria on contact, allowing you to breathe a bit easier out in the field. Comfortable for extended wear and reusable for up to 75 washes, this is the perfect addition to your everyday kit.

  • Full sized comfort
  • 92% Poly/8% Lycra
  • Extreme 2-Way stretch
  • Form fitting protective seal
  • Lightweight, cool, color safe fabric
  • Airport friendly construction
  • When properly launderd with EPA-registered chlorine bleach, BioSmart™ technology binds the chlorine to the surface of the fabric, which then kills 99.9%** of common bacteria and viruses
  • Fitted to provide minimal slip
  • 12 Day extended wear
  • Reuseable for up to 75 washes
  • Easy to store and use


LARGE (20”x 14” fully extended)

SMALL (18.25”x 14” fully extended)

8.5oz (241g)