Cobra Cuffs - 6 Pack
Cobra Cuffs - 6 Pack

Cobra Cuffs - 6 Pack

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Style #: MS24D-250-6-BK

Patented Cobra Cuffs are made with Cross-Linked Rubber.

Why Rubber? Rubber helps prevent the stress cracking comm on with nylon zip ties when exposed to cold, heat or folding / creasing. Superior shelf life is an added benefit with Cobra Cuffs because our special polymer formula resists brittleness so well. Therefore we offer a minimum 5-Year Quality Guarantee for all colors of Cobra Cuffs.

The Super Tough Rubber Based Polymer used in Cobra Cuffs also absorbs the shock and stress during a struggle - making the 400+ lb Tensile Strength more than sufficient to contain the most violent suspects.

Pack of 6 in Black.