Small TriTac Light
Small TriTac Light
Small TriTac Light
Small TriTac Light
Small TriTac Light

Small TriTac Light

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141004 Triple The Coverage The Small TriTac Light is powered by a Duracell Ultra CR123 battery providing a reliable, high output light source that is light weight and always ready. The light features an Intelligence Button system with a half-second delay, allowing users the ability to easily find the correct light mode without searching frantically.
  • Includes battery (1) Duracell CR123
  • Lumen High 261
  • Run Time High (h) 3.5
  • Lumen Low 86
  • Run Time Low (h) 6.0
  • Lumen Map 18
  • Run Time Map (h) 39.0
  • Aerospace grade anodized aluminum
  • Length: 3.6in / 92.6mm
  • Body diameter: 0.9in / 23.4mm
  • Bezel diameter: 1.1in / 26.9mm
  • Product weight: 0.15lb / 0.06kg
  • Product weight w/ batteries: 0.20lb / 0.08kg
  • Three Modes Run by First Tactical's new Intelligence Button, the TriTac Light boasts three different modes allowing operators to thoughtfully flip through brightness settings for outdoor, indoor and map reading, letting them choose the mode they need for the task at hand. Interchangeable Front Bezel Switch to strike bezel for emergency or close quarter needs. NextGen Clip Functionality and durability drastically increase with First Tactical's NextGen Pocket Clip. The clip features ultimate versatility with forward and reverse mounting options. Attach light securely with oversized clip depth and width.